Division of Arts & Humanities

UC San Diego Division of Arts & Humanities Rebrand


The Division is home to the departments of History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theatre & Dance and Visual Arts. The entire division was rebranded, along with many of the departments, to embody a modern and forward thinking academic unit. Their website, along with everything from their logo to signage, from taglines to mission statements, were updated to achieve a truly cohesive and powerful brand.

An Eye for the Arts

With six different departments within the division, their logo and style needed to embody the elements of each unit. Imagery and colors reflect the fluid movement of departments and their contribution to the beauty and wonder of life.

A Vibrant Website to Match

Working within the web parameters of the UC San Diego campus, the division and each of the departments’ pages were updated to reflect the new style. Colors, imagery and content were revised to keep the fresh look of the newly styled division.

A Coordinated Print Campaign

In such a STEM focused university, it is essential for the Division to stand out and appeal to incoming students. A direct mail and print campaign sent to high school counselors highlights the career possibilities for students who major in the arts and humanities.

Redefining Physical Space

Spread out across a vast campus, each department’s interior space was updated according to the new style. The Dean’s Office, representing the entire division, combines elements from each of the departments with the new unified look.

Notable Faculty and Alumni

On a campus where buildings look similar it was important to denote those housing division departments. Highlighting notable faculty and alumni bring attention and notoriety to the division no matter where people are on campus.

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