American Institute of Graphic Arts Y Conference


The theme for the AIGA San Diego Y Conference 18 was “senses”. For all print, web and marketing material, each of the six senses came alive through visual creativity. Everything from name tags and t-shirts, to signs and programs, evoked the beautiful and natural senses. A design for designers, the senses utilize each one of our human traits to bring together and educate the graphic artist community.

The Six Senses

Humans have five natural senses—sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch—but artists and designers have a special sixth. Their sixth sense is the innate ability to bring words, thoughts, and emotions to life through imagery that anyone can understand.

The Senses Brought to Life

Each element of the conference material highlighted the senses, reiterating the theme and demonstrating consistency throughout. With its unique feel, each item was carefully created to evoke the theme and pay homage to the designers in attendance.

The senses inside …

Spending the majority of conference time indoors, it’s important to convey the same visual stimulation of materials inside the venue. Every detail received special attention to ensure that conference goers were surrounded by the sensory experience.

And out ...

Welcoming attendees were art experiences all around. Walls, galleries, and beautiful landscapes inspire each of the six senses.

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