Burgeon Beer Co.

Burgeon Beer Co. Brand Development


San Diego County has quickly become a craft beer industry leader. With over 100 breweries and brewpubs, newcomers must establish themselves as a unique entity in a competitive market. Burgeon Beer Company was established in 2016 with the goal of sharing their cultural and travel experiences in the beer itself. The brand was created to exude the same passion, dedication, and satisfaction that their beer delivers.

Stand out among the competition

In the burgeoning craft beer market, it is critical to exert and maintain a unique identity. For this reason, a font was created specifically for Burgeon Beer. The mix of both upper and lowercase letters lends itself to the juxtaposition of youth in a dedicated craft industry. The logo depicts the earth from which the company grew and will continue to expand. Together, they create an identity that is wholly individual.

A can with a story

Like any passion, there is a story behind it. The same principle holds true with each type of beer that Burgeon creates. The story behind each type of beer created is reflected in the can design. Logo and type remain constant across the company profile to maintain the brand, but the colors, art, and identity of each are as distinct as the flavor of beer they hold.

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