UC San Diego Extension

UC San Diego Extension Magazine Redesign


In an increasingly digital age, large university catalogs have become obsolete. For the UC San Diego Extension program, however, wide circulation of the catalog had become a community staple. In an effort to move course registration online and to continue to reach their audience, the magazine was redesigned to incorporate important news and course highlights.

Inform and Educate

The newly redesigned magazine was organized into sections according to the catalog to remain consistent with courses. Features and catalog content keep readers up to date with the latest trends in their field of interest and notify them of relevant courses available. The magazine also reinforces the idea that those interested in courses should sign up online.

Quarterly Publication

Published 4 times annually along with the university quarter schedule, each issue highlights significant achievements made by the people at UC San Diego. Alumni, faculty and students are featured to showcase the possibilities an individual has when receiving an education at the esteemed university.

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