UC San Diego Global Policy & Strategy

School of Global Policy and Strategy Rebrand


Formerly known as the School of International Relations/Pacific Studies, the School of Global Policy & Strategy at UC San Diego needed to reestablish itself among other competing universities. Rebranding to the School of Global Policy & Strategy helped clarify the school’s strengths in a highly competitive and international arena. Exclusively a graduate school for international relations studies, it naturally attracts top talent from all over the world. The new brand therefore had to appeal to a global audience with instant meaning and definition. Everything from website to email signatures, to videos and posters, to flyers and folders, needed to be updated according to the strategic plan and brand execution.

Recruitment on a Global Scale

With their focus on international relations and politics, the School recruits students from across the globe. Materials needed to reflect the different target audiences, while maintaining the elevated and coordinated look of the School.

Sub Brands for Each Research Center

Individual research centers within the School needed to have a new identity that evoked the same feeling as the larger school, while still reflecting their specialization. Logos, brand identities, and materials were created to ensure cohesion among the multiple centers.

Showcase the School and the Students through Video

Physical reach can only go so far, but digital reach is endless. This video highlights the students, faculty and research so that any prospective student, no matter where in the world, can experience the School without having to leave their home.

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