IDEA Fitness Journal Magazine Design


The IDEA Fitness Journal is the premier magazine for the professional fitness and nutrition community. Serving as an educational and inspirational tool, the magazine helps fitness professionals by providing the latest medical research and the opportunity to earn credits through exams. The magazine is produced and designed monthly along with supplemental and bonus materials.

Designs that Inspire

The health and fitness professional community needs a magazine that evokes the strength that they give everyday. Each issue is designed specifically to address the diverse range, methods, and specialities that industry professionals share.

Monthly Motivation

Published 10 times annually, with a special supplement edition in November-December, the IDEA Fitness Journal is dedicated to sharing the latest scientific research on fitness, health and nutrition.

A Magazine that Speaks Volumes

As information and trends evolve, the style changes along with it to engage readers and encourage them to take what they learn in the magazine to their practice.

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