Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Research Vessel Sally Ride Nameplate Creation & Material Design


The newest addition to the nation’s research fleet, R/V Sally Ride honors the incredible legacy of the late physicist and first American woman in space. The state-of-the-art ship, operated by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, required a nameplate and material design that reflected the prestige of vessel as well as its namesake. Working with a large, multi-departmental committee, ideas were gathered and refined to ultimately develop the vessel’s permanent brand. From the nameplate came print and collateral materials that accompanied the ship throughout its various high profile assignments before settling in to its life at sea.

Materials that Make an Impact

With a new logo comes branded material. Print and digital campaigns were created to announce and educate the public on the impact that the vessel will have for the world. Elements were created to not only celebrate the scientist, but to demonstrate the breakthroughs that will be made in her honor.

A Floating Laboratory

Gathering data for global research efforts, the R/V Sally Ride travels the world's oceans helping to make scientific advancements. Equipped with state-of-the art technologies, the vessel has capabilities unmatched in the nation's research fleet.

Ready for Service

Commissioning the R/V Sally Ride was a national event. National government officials, members of the U.S. Navy, and University personnel gathered to witness the vessel receive its first orders. Dedicated to preserving our oceans and understanding our atmosphere, R/V Sally Ride will help solve some of the planet's most critical problems.

Demonstrating Remarkable Abilities

Sally Ride's personal, lifelong mission was to inspire young scientists through outreach and education. Like her, the vessel in her name maintains the same goal. Education regarding the ship itself, the research it will generate, and the impact it has on the world, is critical to encouraging future generations of scientists.

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