Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Nano Campaign


The future of medical and scientific research is on a micron nanoscale. With the launch of a new center dedicated to nanotechnology and research, the Sanford-Burnham Institute launched a capital campaign aimed at raising funds for their latest endeavor. The strategic campaign was all encompassing with both digital and print elements, and a multitude of materials for the numerous events that were hosted.

It All Started with a Talk

Leading the way in nano research, Sanford-Burnham needed to let the world know. When their leading nanotechnology scientist had the opportunity to present at TEDx, it laid the perfect foundation for the campaign. Both print and digital materials were created specifically for talk attendees to learn more and connect with the advances being made.

There’s More to Medical Research than Nanotechnology

As a research center, Sanford-Burnham is home to a vast amount of other specialities. Scientists contribute to a wide variety of specializations, each contributing to the future of medical advancements. Brochures were created to highlight each individual scientist and their research interests.

Ending the Campaign with a Night to Remember

What fundraising campaign would be complete without a gala? Instead of the traditional approach, the event and video were centered on having a peer-to-peer conversation about science. Working together to share information and help answer each other’s questions develops a sense of camaraderie in this combined effort.

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