Suneva Medical, Inc.

Suneva Brand and Product Maintenance & Design


Suneva Medical, Inc. partners with aesthetic professionals by providing three unique products: Bellafill®, Regenica® and ReFissa®. With this variety, both Suneva and their products' brand maintenance and expansion are vital in the highly competitive aesthetic industry. Packaging, informational material, and advertisements are produced regularly to keep up with the fast-paced market.

Brand and Product Maintenance

The continuously evolving health and beauty industry needs materials that move at the same pace. As the brands and products move with demand, the ads, informative materials, and digital marketing is adapted accordingly to ensure consistency and visual appeal.


When Bellafill® received approval to treat acne scars, a sub brand was created to distinguish smile line from acne scar treatments. Receiving a unique look while maintaining both Suneva and Bellafill standards was paramount to ensuring overall brand cohesion. Print and digital materials carried the new look according to the style parameters.

Synergy Across Products within a Brand

As a company, Suneva Medical, Inc. maintains consistency across their brands. While each has a distinctive style, there is cohesion among each that identify it as a member of the Suneva family. No matter the product, the Suneva signature is there.

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